10 Ways to Root Samsung Cell Phones via Additional Apps and USB Debugging

Binamandiri.id – One of the common activities of Android owners is rooting. Along with providing various benefits, you need to understand some of the risks involved. Even so, there are still many who apply Samsung cell phone root method to make this condition a success.

Root is a condition or a feature that allows users to control various features on their cell phones. Moreover, the performance of using the device increases if it successfully completes the rooting process.

One of the important steps to consider first is to unlock the bootloader. Then the next step is done so that the root process can switch the device to a more usable mode as per your wishes and needs.

How to Root Samsung Phone with App and Without App

Different rooting methods can be implemented with or without using a PC. Although there are quite long steps, there are also those that only require activation through your Samsung mobile. One of them uses an application that must first be downloaded and installed.

1. KingRoot


An application that supports the root process for more than 100,000 types of mobile phones, as well as the Samsung brand. No wonder KingRoot is the most popular application capable of rooting more optimally.

Keep in mind that Samsung phones that can use KingRoot have Android system base ranging from 4.2.2 to 5.1. Also make sure that your internet connection is fast and stable so that the process is not hampered.

  • Download then install the KingRoot application
  • Open the app then tap on the available button
  • Wait for a notification to appear indicating that the root activity method can be performed on the device
  • If successful, a checklist notification will appear



This app is highly recommended for older Samsung mobile devices. Android base 1.5 to 5.0 can run the root process easily and quickly. With just one click, KingoRoot successfully completes the root steps for Samsung HP performance.

  • Download and install the KingoRoot app via the Google Play Store
  • Open the app
  • Click on One Click Root to start the quick and easy device rooting process
  • Wait for the process to complete
  • When done, Root Succeeded notification will appear on the screen



The next way to root Samsung phones is to use Framaroot. Generally, this application is known as a file manager with the added ability to perform the rooting process. Please note that this app tends to provide successful root if the phone uses a Mediatek chipset.

  • First, download and install the Framaroot application
  • Open Framaroot then click Install Superuser or SuperSU. No need to be confused as the functions are the same
  • Choose the Gandalf or Aragorn method, but many recommend Gandalf
  • Wait for a notification to appear on the root process
  • Do a reboot so completion can be done



Various brands of Samsung mobile phones that use Android 2.3 to 5.0 system can use iRoot. Same with other alternatives, just one click for rooting. This application is safe to use on mobile devices and Android brands.

  • Open the phone then download and install the iRoot app
  • Continue by opening the root menu
  • Run this process by clicking on Root Now then wait for a while till it completes

5. Enable USB Debugging

Enable USB debugging

The function of this method is to connect the Samsung device to the PC. Early use of a PC gives a higher success rate than the usual method.

  • Go to the Settings menu then select About phone
  • Tap on the Build number option and then tap repeatedly until a popup window saying you are now a developer appears.
  • Return the screen to the Settings menu, then go to Developer Options
  • Search until you come across USB debugging option and enable it
  • Return to the Settings menu and find the Security section
  • Also enable the Unknown Source setting

6. Root Genius Software

Genius root software

Is a software that can run on both Android and Windows devices. Always get updates so they can be used by Samsung devices as a way to root Samsung phones. No need to install on a PC.

  • Make sure your PC antivirus is disabled
  • The goal is that the PC does not detect malware or it can be considered a virus
  • Download the software via shuame.com then open Root Genius
  • Connect Samsung mobile to PC using data cable
  • A pop-up window appears, then check the box I accept the terms of use
  • Click on the Root it option
  • Wait for the root process to complete for a while
  • Remove the mobile phone then enter the Android menu until you meet the Kinguser app



Rooting is a process that requires a platform and technical steps to perform it on Samsung devices. OneClickRoot is an app that can boost your Samsung Android phone to be more optimal.

  • Download OneClickRoot software first
  • Install and open the app as usual
  • Connect the mobile phone to the PC device using a data cable
  • Click on the Root Now option
  • Before rooting, make sure the minimum Samsung battery is 25%
  • Wait until the process is complete and you have unplugged the device from the PC
  • Its success is demonstrated via Superuser on OneClickRoot

8. iSkysoft Toolkit

iSkysoft Toolbox

This app can help unlock various Samsung flagship features that you have never tried before. After rooting using this app, start with Transfer, Switch, Backup & Restore, Recover, Unlock and Wipe.

  • Download iSkysoft Toolbox PC by searching Google for easy search
  • Perform the installation then open the software as usual
  • There are different menu options that can be selected according to your needs
  • Click on the root menu
  • Connect Samsung mobile phone to PC using Android cable
  • Wait for a while until the software successfully detects the presence of an Android device
  • Detection takes place then wait for the process to reach 100% until Root appears now
  • Wait for the process to complete as well

9. Root 360

360 Root

This app alone is no less sophisticated in helping the root process on Samsung phones. How to Root Samsung Cell Phone using 360 Root is effective in boosting your device capabilities and performance. Follow these steps:

  • Download then install the 360 ​​Root app
  • Open the app then swipe left then tap the button at the bottom
  • When you have successfully accessed it, just click on the button or the words Root
  • Wait for the root process to complete then restart the phone when it succeeds

10. Towel Root

napkin root

This powerful application also supports the root process on your favorite Samsung device. Using Towel Root should pay attention to the power of the mobile phone which should be charged enough to start the process further.

Another requirement that must be fulfilled before proceeding with the process is to click on the checklist on unknown sources.

  • Download and Install Towel Root App on Samsung Phones
  • Open the app that appeared on your favorite device
  • Click on the button or the words Make it rain to start the root process
  • Wait for a while until the process completes successfully

How to root Samsung cell phones tends to be quick and easy, as you can reach each step with just one click. Make sure your Samsung phone also meets the prerequisites before rooting using an app or with a PC. This way, the process goes without a hitch.