150+ most beautiful recommended Islamic baby names in the world

Binamandiri.id – Being an expectant mother and future father is one of the happiest things in life, and usually as the gestational age gets older, name hunting will be an interesting thing to do. If you need a recommendation for a meaningful Islamic baby name, here are some inspirations.

The choice of your own name can of course not be random, because the name will be carried by the little one throughout his life, so it must be arranged correctly so that it sounds good and gives a good impression, no only for the owner but also for others who hear it.

More than that, a name line is also a parent’s prayer and hope for the child, so as parents, they must be able to give a good name and contain a good meaning. Here is a list of latest baby girl names 2022.

Recommended Islamic Baby Names in One Word

Recommended Islamic Baby Names in One Word

For Muslim families who wish to give their child a name with strong/clear Islamic elements, here are some examples of meaningful girl names with various meanings ranging from modern to unique:

No. Last name Meaning / Meaning
1. Asian Sunrise
2. Adhia Wise, resourceful woman
3. Afra The night, beautiful like the full moon
4. Alesha Get the protection of Allah
5. Abidah Obedient to worship, obedient to Allah
6. Dalilah bright road
seven. Afifah Pride
8. Alfarizquia first food
9. Aisha In good health
ten. aqila Clever, smart, shrewd
11. Daliya Grape
12. Fakhira Parent’s pride
13. Duha morning hour
14. Ainoun Light for parents
15. Darya gentle nature
16. Aida Holy woman, holy again
17. Fariha good to please
18. Daniya Enjoyed by many people
19. Ardhilah A flower
20. Azma Blessings from Allah
21. Aghni Rich enough
22. Azkadina Shalihah women, obedient to religion
23. Alifa have a noble heart
24. happy Beautiful
25. Almahyra Smart, lucky, successful, successful
26. Akella Chance
27. God protects you Get the love of God
28. Bahia Pleasant
29. Basima Always smile
30. Fazzilet Full of blessings from Allah
31. Aiza Respected and honored
32. Afida Good heart
33. Diba pearl
34. Dinaya Pray diligently
35. Hanya Get the love of God
36. Bayyinah Proof of love
37. Dhuhita Morning
38. Your Dew at sunrise
39. Almahyra Go to work, good luck
40. Aliyah High Standards
41. makayla gift from God
42. Basyarah Something beautiful
43. Badriya Beautiful girl, the beauty of the full moon
44. Aghnia clean, holy
45. Hanifa Religious
46. Bilqis Beautiful
47. Qiyyama close to Allah
48. Balqis Queen
49. Barizah Caring
50. Adreena prosperous, fairly, rich
51. Sabiya Morning
52. damia Kindly
53. Muslim muslim woman
54. Shanum God protects you
55. Aqilatunnisa Good to be thankful
56. Bahiyyah shiny girl
57. Qonita Obedience
58. Dhiya Light/bright light
59. Ayda Fortunate
60. Dzakiyyah smart woman
61. Feiyaz Hit
62. Ghazalah Sunrise
63. Atifah Submissive, sweet, full of love
64. Azhar Flower
65. Hilya Jewelry, beautiful
66. Zakhira Always remember Allah
67. Atira Fragrant, fragrant
68. student Shine
69. Ghassani Beautiful
70. Farhana bringer of happiness
71. Jannah daughter of heaven
72. Saba In the morning
73. Hadzkadina Muslim
74. Mailiha full of smiles
75. Fawwaz To be lucky
76. Fazia win / win
77. Nasleena Beautiful
78. Zikra Always remember Allah
79. Shabiha morning beauty
80. Khaira glowing face
81. guest House Interesting
82. Hana Source of happiness, beloved
83. Science Science, knowledge, insight, intelligent
84. Ibtihal Pray God
85. Gazala charming, attractive
86. Khalissa pure, clean, holy
87. Zeeana Sparkling
88. haflani Smart, lots of knowledge
89. Gamila beautiful
90. Hasana Glorious
91. Maezurra successful girl
92. Kamila Perfect, flawless, complete
93. Laila Evening
94. Falisha Happy
95. Fazila Loyal
96. Hababa Interesting
97. hafisa Beautiful
98. Najina Hit
99. Hanan Sustenance Blessing
100. Mafaza Security and success
101. Maisara Patience, strong
102. Ghari Captivating
103. Gazbiyya Pleasant
104. Fattana Beauty
105. Fauziya Victory
106. Munia successful child
107. Rizqiana Lucky in terms of subsistence
108. Naadhira Radiant, smiling, sweet
109. Farzana Wise
110. Faaiza Hit
111. Marzia sincere
112. Shazfa Hit
113. Noah Smart in thought
114. Nazira Joy in the day / happy
115. Shahia Successful, smart
116. Sadiya Will be lucky
117. Rahma Affection
118. Zada lucky person
119. Ruhama Full of cases and love
120. Sabira Patience
121. Fatine Clever, charming
122. Fashiha Good to talk
123. Salva Spreader/source of happiness
124. Shaliha Shalihah woman
125. Zahra Brilliant, brilliant, beautiful
126. yumna Blessings
127. Ziyadah Prosperous, lucky
128. Fadhilah Dignified and majestic woman
129. Faiza Winner
130. Sarah Happy
131. Zainab Good heart
132. Tasmira Jewel, beautiful, beautiful
133. Gamila Surprising
134. shakia get happiness
135. Abila beautiful and healthy
136. Faryal daughter of the islamic king
137. Faiqah amazing girl
138. Haniya happy happy
139. Fakhrunnisa Cautious woman

Full Recommended Islamic Baby Names With Long Names

Recommendations for Full Islamic Baby Names

If you still don’t have the idea of ​​combining a name with another to sound good or have a nice meaning, here are some examples:

  • Shakila Adiba Atmarini: A woman who is beautiful and has great knowledge and a wise nature to navigate through life.
  • Akifah Nailah: a woman who loves to give/give and who is diligent in worship/obedient to religion.
  • Najma Adiba Orlin: a woman who looks like a shining star because she is rich in knowledge and civilized.
  • Adiba Afsheen Myesha: A woman who is endowed with intelligence and who can be a light/light to both parents.
  • Akifah Hasna Kamila: a religiously obedient, beautiful/beautiful, and perfect woman.
  • Alesha Alifa Hibatillah: This name means the first daughter who is sustenance or a gift from Allah.
  • Callista Balqis Maharani: A charming/beautiful woman who can be pleasing to the eye.
  • Alesha Zahra: beautiful as a rose and always protected by Allah.
  • Inayah Fadiyah Istiqomah: a woman who is on the path of truth / right / way of God, full of sincerity, and who likes to help.
  • Alayya Akifah Gavaputri: Muslim woman who is diligent in worship and has a good character for others.

There are many recommendations for Islamic baby names that can be chosen. One word and another can be combined or if you want it to be simpler you can use the full name example in the list above.