Best Linkedin Marketing Campaign B2B – Best linkedin marketing campaign B2B, Linkedin Ads should be on the radar of every B2B marketing team. It’s possible to target potential clients based upon their professional data with Linkedin Ads (a form of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising). Even though LinkedIn advertising are more expensive than other PPC campaigns, the long-term potential worth of a LinkedIn lead is substantially higher than that of a lead from another PPC campaign. As a result, it’s a terrific way to find new customers. The best Linkedin Ads use a number of ad layouts to target a certain audience and raise awareness of their company.

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Best linkedin marketing campaign b2b
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Linkedin Ads for B2B highlight how color, copy, and data can be used to generate ad creative that motivates sales.

1. Slack

In contrast to LinkedIn Ads, this Slack ad targets newly acquired customers rather than the top of the funnel, as is typical. Remarketing campaigns that target Slack beginners may benefit from this resource because it offers simple answers to often encountered issues. Although the purpose of this carousel ad isn’t immediately evident, it does a good job of instilling trust in new Slack members. As their trust in Slack grows, users may want to upgrade to more feature-rich services.

2. BigCommerce

Whitepapers and guides based on original research can all aid in increasing brand recognition and trust. One strong statistic opens this BigCommerce commercial before providing the answer on their website. A great method to create traffic and build your brand’s reputation at the same time is to use social media to promote your business.

3. Google

Advertisers can target specific localities with the LinkedIn Campaign Manager, which allows for a great deal of precision. To reach LinkedIn members in the state of Illinois, this Google ad focuses on a good action made by LinkedIn while also informing them of resources available to help them develop new skills.

4. Figma

There are three things that make this Figma commercial stand out: a statistic, a mention to a time- and money-saving benefit, and an offer for a free download. There is nothing wrong with the fact that the client company is well-known to city people around the world. Using a pointer above the “e” in Uber urges the visitor to click thanks to the clean, striking graphics.

5. Hootsuite

Humour isn’t always appropriate in B2B advertising, but when used correctly, it may help your campaigns stand out. People are naturally curious about how Hootsuite may be linking a nail gun with social media posts after hearing about a destroyed refrigerator.


Running LinkedIn Ads at the top of the funnel means speaking to people who may not even be aware that they need your product. This colorful ad from does an excellent job of establishing the link. Most likely, time-pressed professionals will notice the ad’s perfect resemblance to their own overcrowded computer browser. It raises awareness of an issue while also providing a solution in just two phrases.

7. Asana

Social proof is used in this short advertisement that features a customer’s testimonial. Even if you don’t click on the link to view a video and learn more, the short caption is easy to understand and conveys the message.

8. Adobe

Neither a solicitation for business nor a plea for data is implied in this sponsored content. In place of that, there is a link to personal tales from Adobe employees. Humanizing the brand and creating favorable associations in viewers’ minds are two benefits of this. Regardless of whether you go on to read the article, you’ll get the idea that Adobe values its employees’ diversity as well as the people who work for it.

9. Hubspot

Almost seventy percent of marketers say that video views have a positive return on investment, making it an increasingly popular medium for advertising.

“Prospect, connect, develop, report, and unite like never before” is the premise of Hubspot’s 16-second video ad. This ad is easy to read when reading the LinkedIn feed because to its bright design and clear product images.

10. Coda

Incorporating Coda’s eye-catching graphics into a paper helps it stand out. It distinguishes out from the rest of the LinkedIn feed because it gives new users an immediate sense of Coda’s style and organization. Using design and typography consistently throughout your campaigns is a terrific way to build visual associations with your brand and raise awareness of it.

What kinds of ads can you run on LinkedIn?

A selection of the best carousel advertising and sponsored content that can be found in the LinkedIn news feed is the focus of this article. LinkedIn allows you to run ads in four different formats:

  1. As an organic post in the LinkedIn newsfeed, Sponsored Content advertising. Multi-image carousels and movies are examples of these kind of ads.
  2. Sponsored Messaging, also known as Sponsored InMail, is a form of LinkedIn Direct Message that is delivered to your target audience’s inbox.
  3. Short fragments of text that show up at the bottom of the LinkedIn feed.
  4. Ads that are comparable to text ads, such as Dynamic Ads. The viewer’s name or profile picture can be added to this format for a more personalized touch.

Brand exposure, more job applications, and lead creation are just a few of the many uses for these ad types. The call-to-action (CTA) on each ad can point to a landing page, a lead generation form, a job application, or nothing at all. Advertisers on LinkedIn may choose to use a single image to make a strong point. However, it is possible to use this style of commercial into a marketing strategy in order to raise brand awareness.

What are the advantages of running a LinkedIn ad?

LinkedIn Ads are a terrific way to reach out to B2B customers in the early stages of the buying or decision-making process. But LinkedIn users aren’t there to share family photos or cooking recipes; they’re there to discuss professional advancements and the latest happenings in their fields. You can specifically target LinkedIn members based on their job title, company name, company size, and other variables. The information you need is on a person’s LinkedIn profile, and the LinkedIn Campaign Manager makes it easy to find it.

B2B LinkedIn marketing: how to get it right

Optimizing your LinkedIn advertising can be as simple as testing with ad types and assets, or as complex as

  • Trying out new campaign methods, including daily and total budget adjustments.
  • Experimenting with bid types
  • In order to measure the success of your marketing campaigns, you must monitor click-through rates and conversion rates.
  • Utilise matched audiences 
  • Add and remove audience attributes to target a different type of LinkedIn user.

If you’re new to Linkedin Ads or PPC advertising in general, it may take some time and trial and error to get your campaign off the ground and running successfully..

To get the most out of your Linkedin Ads campaign, you should work with an expert marketing agency. If you want to get the most out of your Linkedin Ads campaign, you need to work with the professionals at 93x, who have extensive experience with the platform’s ad text and audience targeting.

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