Download Camp Buddy APK Update Latest Version 2022 – Tired of playing games? If so, you can play the game Download Camp Buddy APK. Now the game has become popular because it has very exciting gameplay to play. In fact, this game is everyone’s choice to accompany their spare time.

Camp Buddy APK is a game and simulation game it has amazing visual graphics, besides having graphics, this game has anime type characters. And DWith multiple routes and character endings, you decide what happens next. All your decisions will affect Keitaro’s adventures in the game. Each character route has an average of 15 full hours

In addition, this game offered very exciting and interesting gameplay, and you will also be one of the characters in the game, there you will be placed in a predetermined situation, so you need to have your own strategy and ideas.

However, this game has been developed for adults only, because in this game there is content that is not allowed for people aged 18 and under. This way, if you are still 17, you cannot play this game.

Well for those of you who are curious and want to try and enjoy the game. Below I will recommend a link to download the Camp Buddy Apk, of course what we are discussing is the latest version of the game.

About Camp Buddy Apk

Camp Buddy apk

Camp Buddy Apk is one of the best male dating games right now, where when you play this game you will be spoiled with very cool and attractive visual graphics, besides the character you are using is a very handsome man.

When you play this game, of course, you will be addicted and you will want to keep playing it, moreover this game has been equipped with various features that can affect your game play, so with the help of these various features, you will never pass Not a day goes by without playing this game.

But unfortunately, when you want to use premium features, you have to upgrade first by purchasing premium item, so you have to spend money to subscribe, but if you have no money at all, you can still get a free feature.

This game is also one of the games in the romance category, which tells the story of the adventures of a very handsome man, the man named Keitaro Nagame went camping in the summer.

This Keitaro really likes Camp Buddy because Keitaro has so many valuable experiences with his friends, so the memories of this place can’t be forgotten, but the campsite will be closed soon.

Keitaro tries to invite all of his friends to get together and camp again, as he doesn’t want the place closed, but to rebuild Camp Buddy, Keitaro has to make the right decision.

All the effort Keitaro put in was only to rebuild Camp Buddy, as he didn’t want to forget the beautiful memories with all his friends. At the beginning of the adventure, you can also choose a relationship with one of his friends.

So that’s all the stories of Camp Buddy Apk, how will the story continue? you can directly download the Camp Buddy game, so that you can experience the continuation of the story and enjoy the adventure plot in the game.

Features of Cam Buddy Apk

This Camp Buddy Apk game has been equipped with very exciting features, so of course this will make you more curious and want to play it soon, and as far as the Camp Buddy Apk game features are concerned, viz.

  • You can camp on the farm or in town
  • Have offline maps with OpenStreetMap
  • There are different camping areas in the national park
  • Has a very comfortable area along the highway area
  • Can add new campsites

Camp Buddy Apk Download Link

Camp Buddy apk

When you know all the plots and everything about this Camp Buddy Apk game, chances are you want to play the game, just to shorten your time, you can download it directly, via the link below.

game name Camp Buddy apk
File size 1.20 GB
Category Simulation
Version 2.2.1
New update March 16, 2022
Android system Android 4.1+

To download

How to Install Camp Buddy Apk

After downloading the game, you install it immediately, because this game is not yet available on the Google Play Store, so you have to install it by following the steps I have given below so that you are not not confused when you download it.

  • First you download the game first
  • Then go to file manager>>>find download option>>find Camp Buddy Apk file,>>>then click install
  • But when you get a notification to enable unknown sources
  • Please go to settings/mobile settings>>click security and privacy options>>then enable unknown sources>>click install again and wait for it to work
  • The game will automatically be on your homepage and you can enjoy all the scenarios and adventures
  • Good luck trying

Camp Buddy Game Characters

Besides having a variety of features and a very cool storyline, this Camp Buddy game also has various very strong characters, so you will feel at home playing this game, especially for women, of course, this game is very suitable for playing.

Are you curious about all the characters? If you’re curious, you can see it below.

  • Springfield Hunter
  • Yoichi Yukimura
  • Keitaro Nagame
  • Natsumi Hamasaki
  • Hiro Akiba

The last word

This is all the information about the latest version of Camp BuddyAPK download link. I hope you like all my explanations, if there is an article and an explanation that is not understood, I apologize, because that is all I can explain. Thank you Wassalamualaikum WR WB.