GTA San Andreas Lite Mod Offline Latest Light Size 2022 – Here we provide download link for GTA San Andreas Lite Mod offline with small size so that it is light on Android phones and iPhones. Therefore, for more details, read this article till the end.

At first, the GTA San Andreas Lite mod game was played through the PlayStation. But with the times that have become modern, the developers have also updated the game so that it can be played through smartphones.

Currently, there are many different PS2 games that can be played via mobile. For example, like GTA San Andreas, GTA mod combos and also other mod versions of GTA SA are indeed much more interesting and also have full functionality compared to the original version.

What is the GTA San Andreas Lite mod?

What is GTA San Andreas Lite mod

GTA San Andreas Mod is a GTA SA Lite game that has been modified by a third party with additional premium stuff so that it is free to use. This GTA San Andreas mod can initially be played on PC, but now it can be played via Mobile Android or iPhone.

This GTA San Andreas Lite game is about someone who is a member of a street gang named CJ. While the character name used is Ucok or Johnson, who just arrived in Los Santos due to the death of his mother.

This story developed due to the chaos of the Ucok family for revealing this Ucok figure. After the death of the mother. This game has an action and adventure genre. While the developer or developer is Rockstar North which was later released rockstargames.

GTA SA was not only successful on playstation2, but also on Xbox or Microsoft Windows platforms. In order for various groups to play this game to the fullest, the developer has updated that the game can be played through Android.

Unfortunately, some people cannot play this game because the HP specifications do not support it. For example, because HP memory is not big enough. While this game has too large capacity of 2 GB. If you use the mod version, it only requires 300 MB of memory.

Game Features GTA San Andreas Lite Mod

Game Features GTA San Andreas Lite Mod

Before playing this game, of course, players are curious about its features. It turns out that this game does not only provide fun and tension when playing. But also to entertain the players.

Coupled with the features and advantages of GTA SA Lite, which makes players more interested in this game. What are the advantages? Here is the explanation:

  • There are additional missions provided by the developer
  • Players can work on new missions so that the game does not get bored and can do more repetitive things.
  • Edit adding content or game.
  • Players can find content that is not only found in the original GTA SA game release, but can also guarantee fun gameplay without any limitations in GTA SA game quality.
  • Have a graphic quality that is always improved.
  • Some objects have undergone repairs and transformations.
  • For the smooth performance HD graphics, you can get this Lite edition.
  • The game has been installed in Indonesian. All aspects of the language of this game can be translated into Indonesian, making it easier for players to read the game instructions.
  • Players can use a gamepad to make the game more exciting.
  • Control personalization. With functionality in the form of control customization, gamers are able to better control and provide comfort. Especially when driving a vehicle, one of which looks like an airplane.
  • Cloud support that can help gamers keep saving even if they’ve switched devices while playing.
  • Small size game that makes players don’t need to set aside too much internal memory. The original version of GTA SA requires up to 2 GB of memory. But it is less than the mod version of Al game.
  • There is an improvement in the graphics section, which is that the latest version of the graphics is more HD. Thus, players will feel very pampered.
  • already supports Indonesian which makes it easier for players who don’t understand or speak English fluently as this game needs to follow the storyline.
  • Control customization makes the game easier. This can also be felt when players are driving motorcycles or cars at very high speeds.
  • GTA SA supported Bluetooth gamepad for more advanced and fun gameplay. Moreover, players can also use smartphones without limits.
  • This game does not take up much internal memory as the files are relatively small. While GTA SA only has a size between 100 and 300 MB. Players can compare the GTA SA mobile version of the Mod with the original version.
  • Already supports all storage types. This way, players can continue the mission even if they switch devices.

Benefits of GTA San Andreas Lite Mod Apk

1. No root

no root

When wanting to install this game, players don’t need root access like when using other Mod apps. Thus, users just need to perform the installation as usual. But first make sure that the memory of the smartphone is sufficient.

2. No OBB file required

No OBB file required

In previous versions, the user will be prompted to use the OBB file to run this game. But for the latest version, as a player, you don’t need an OBB file. Of course, this is very beneficial for everyone who plays this game.

While OBB files are notoriously complicated and should be handled with care. Nevertheless, there is no need to be afraid to start the GTA San Andreas Lite mod game.

3. Supports all GPUs

Supports all GPUs

In the latest version, it is more possible that all phones with GBU differences can play this game. Whereas before, only cell phones with certain GBUs can play it. Don’t worry, this game already supports all GPUs to make it easy for gamers.

Download GTA San Andreas Lite Mod

Download GTA San Andreas Lite Mod

Playing GTA San Andreas game is indeed a lot of fun, you will find premium items for free in this Lite version of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game.

In addition, this modified application will not end up on the playstore or the appstore, but only on the sites that share it. But there is no need to worry because here we have provided it for free for GTA game lovers.

Last name Download GTA San Andreas Lite APK
Version V11.0 [TERBARU]
Cut 16.85+281MB
Price Free
Bone Android 5.0+ and iOS
Download link here

How to Install GTA San Andreas Lite Mod

  • Installation steps can be started with download app by clicking on the link above.
  • Wait for the download process to reach 100%.
  • After that go to settings or settings on the cell phone.
  • Then click additional settings menu.
  • Then click privacy menu.
  • After that click and activate unknown source or unknown source. After that click and enable unknown source
  • Then click File manager.
  • If the unknown source is already active, click on the menu upload or download.
  • After that select application GTA SA Lite.
  • A new display will appear automatically.
  • Click on the button install which is in the lower right corner.
  • Wait for the installation process to succeed.
  • Extract data gets android data.
  • After that enter the password as wanted.
  • Don’t open the game first because there are still filenames to change.
  • Scroll down until you find the file with name RockstarGamesGTASA. Scroll down until you find a file with the name RockstarGamesGTASA.
  • After that select file folder.
  • Scroll down then select texdb.
  • So choose GTA3 Files and change it to name GTA 3.dxt.d.
  • Then go back to the main menu and select the folder GTA_int.

Among the gamers, the GTA San Andreas Lite mod is indeed quite famous, in addition to being able to be played via PlayStation or computer, it turns out that GTA SA can already be played via Android even though it can be played via smartphone , but the sensation offered is not much less than the PlayStation version.