How to cancel an order New Maxim Food 2022 – Are you currently looking for a way to undo a maxim order. If so, then by listening to our discussion you will be able to find out how to cancel an order on maxim food.

As we already know, the mobility of people is now facilitated by the existence of various online motorcycle taxi applications, including Maxim. But sometimes nowadays there are many reasons why people want to cancel orders already ordered due to various reasons.

Therefore, here we will describe how to cancel an order on this Ojek online application. So that later you will not be confused to cancel the order even if you continued to order maxim.

Did you know that for a motorcycle taxi order, it will be very different from the cancellation of a maxim food order. Even from what we know, sometimes there are several things that prevent the customer from canceling Maxim. Therefore, many users feel confused and restless. So here we will give you a solution regarding this problem.

How to easily cancel a Maxim order

How to easily cancel a Maxim order

In fact, how to cancel this maximum order can be done easily. Because the maxim cancellation function is available in the application. But it seems that many users don’t know about it. Therefore, many users are confused.

Sometimes there are also users who are afraid of disappointing their driver partners. Although it’s no longer weird, because as we mentioned above, there is actually a way to override the maxim driver.

Even a driver also does not rule out canceling an order from someone because it is for certain reasons. It seems like the action of canceling orders right now is a natural thing. However, to do this, there must be an agreement through communication.

To communicate, you can take advantage of the chat feature available on Maxim. So please just use the chat function to communicate with the chat function so that there is no misunderstanding later.

If you have communicated with the driver and both parties have indeed agreed to this candel action. Then you can cancel the order easily and simply. If you really want to order again. Then later there will be many reasons available.

Please you can immediately provide reasons, such as reason for cancellation due to entering wrong address or other valid reasons. To give this reasoning applies to both parties whether they are maxin drivers or customers.

Listening to our discussion above, of course, you can conclude that it’s quite easy to negate this maximum order. Although the method is very simple, in fact, many users are still confused and do not know how to cancel this maximum order.

How to Cancel Maxim Orders for Customers

How to Cancel Maxim Orders for Customers

For how to cancel first max order, we provide this for customers. Because today many customers want to cancel orders for various reasons. For details, see below.

  • The first step, just open the respective Maxim app.
  • If you have successfully entered the maxim application, you will later see commands appear. Here, please select Cancel in the lower right corner.
  • After that, you will be asked to enter the reason for order cancellation.
  • Do.

How easy and easy isn’t it? Moreover, we provide this method as easy as possible to make it easier for you to practice the method we provided above.

How to cancel the Maxim order for the driver

How to cancel the Maxim order for the driver

For those of you who are drivers, the way to cancel maxin orders will be different from that of customers. If you are a driver, simply follow the procedure for canceling a maxin order as follows:

  • First, as usual, please open the maxin app on your maxin driver account.
  • Then you just need to select the Action menu on the main screen of the application in the lower left corner.
  • After that, please select Contact Customer. It’s about making sure customers are on board with the actions you take.
  • Then you just need to click on the Auto button, then you just have to wait for the auto button to turn red.
  • Then continue with you Click Actions at the bottom.
  • Then just select Cancel Order, you don’t forget to give a valid reason for your action.
  • Do!

Here’s how to cancel maxin orders for those of you who are drivers. In fact, doing this action is very simple, whether it is a customer or a driver. But if you don’t know how, of course, it will be very confusing.

Is canceling a Maxim order safe?

If you are still worried that this method of canceling a maxim order is not safe. So here we are going to provide you with an explanation so that you can conclude that this method is safe.

Please note that if you do this unilaterally, it is of course not safe. But if you do it with the consent of both parties, it will be safe.


Our discussion is all we can pass on to you on how to cancel an order for the latest Maxim Food 2022. Hope our discussion above can be helpful and help you to maximize app users. that’s all and thank you