How to Check Pertamina Account for Latest Recruitment Registrar 2022 – Who does not recognize this great company in good faith under the auspices of the Indonesian state-owned enterprise, of course, has high hopes and is eager to work on it, which is what we mean by PT Pertamina Persero, now for all new graduates and eager to know exactly how to verify Pertamina account for recruitment registrar.

It is better to read all the tips here first as we are going to discuss all about Pertamina account verification for recruiting candidates to have the chance to take advantage of the opportunity and be among the Pertamina employees who always grow with the Indonesian people.

Next, what type of registration and screening mechanism will all of you need to complete as potential workers, as an adjustment to the qualifications that the PT Pertamina administrator has provided to meet national quality standards, including types of jobs available there.

All this we will tell you a bit about how to verify the following Pertamina Recruitment registered account, so first try to understand it carefully to better understand the brief explanations that the admin wants to convey so that you do not encounter any errors. .

How to Track Pertamina Recruitment Registration

How to Track Pertamina Recruitment Registration

If you are sure that you can qualify and also work with the management of PT Pertamina Persero, of course according to your qualifications, the first step is to visit the official website through the Internet, friends, then see the job opportunities. ‘use. .

As for the visit of the address, I will also include it later, but you must prepare it with a quality Internet network, choose one with very fast and stable access, do not let it slow down because it will be very difficult for you to see the job.

The reason is that the way to verify the Pertamina account of the recruitment registrar is the first step that will determine the fate of your work, in the environment of the national Pertamina company, the administrator also keeps a good attitude in order to always respect the professional side of the job, friend.

While the Pertamina recruitment website links are:

List of recruitment companies under Pertamina

PT Pertamina Persero business units are classified as large-scale friends, because there are indeed many sub-divisions, some of which are Pertamina Shipping, Pertamina EP, Pertamina GE and so on, which is more than ten available across the archipelago. .

As for the Pertamina account verification method, people registered for recruitment can sign out by going directly to Pertamina offices, or via Pertamina website on the internet itself while accompanying all the requirements that have determined by Pertamina when the last employment office opened.

How to verify a Pertamina account

When you visit the Pertamina website and find the type of job that suits you to follow the qualifications, do not wait, hurry to access it to participate, then follow all the steps of the selection of selection until he is in the hope of being accepted.

Here I will tell you about an easy way to verify Pertamina’s account:

  1. The first step is for you to open the official Pertamina website which I just posted above.
  2. Then you enter directly using the username and password you have so that it opens immediately.
  3. Once you have successfully entered it on the first page, click on the ‘Jobs’ menu.
  4. Then you choose the post if it is suitable to be followed.
  5. In this section, there are already two interesting job options to choose from, namely for those who are freshly graduated and experienced.
  6. Then proceed according to your choice with the previously prepared requirements.
  7. Kemudin Click the ‘Job Vacancies’ button again depending on the education you have received so far in high school.
  8. Click “Apply” and at the same time fill in all the necessary important data in the available column.
  9. Then you upload all the supporting files as a condition for applying for a job that needs to be submitted immediately.
  10. Send your own request directly as a job applicant and also confirm the application form via your own e-mail.
  11. Made, friends, the whole procession by applying for a job in the Pertamina environment.

List of vacancies at Pertamina Group

Just as a reference for all of you as potential employees of PT Pertamina Persero Indonesia, down below I have listed the choices of the best types of work you can try to save directly.

Types of new job vacancies at PT Pertamina:

  1. Integrated Marine Logistics sub-holding. This job posting is managed by PT Pertamina International Shipping or PIS with the purpose of inviting you to join as an Unspecified Time Worker or PWTT in Pertamina’s Marine Logistics business.
  2. Upstream sub-holding. This job posting is managed by PT Pertamina Hulu Energi or PHE with the purpose of inviting you to join as a PWTT in Oil and Gas Production business.
  3. Underutilized energy and new renewable energies. This job posting is managed by PT Pertamina Power Indonesia or PPI with the purpose of inviting you to join as an unspecified time worker or PWTT in electricity and new renewable energy business.


This is perhaps all the information I can impart at a glance, on how to verify Pertamina accounts for 2022 recruitment enrollees.

I hope this brings you all a very useful treat, and until we meet again on another occasion, I hope you have a pleasant day.