How to Easily View Subtitles on YouTube That Are Not CC – In this review, we will see how to view subtitles on Youtube without CC. Come on, see the full explanation as follows.

Both YouTube viewers will be more comfortable when the videos they watch appear CC. CC or what is called closed captioning allows viewers to get additional information that may appear on the screen.

Maybe there are some dialogues that are missing when listening, you can read the captions that appear on the youtube video. Videos displaying CC like this are becoming a trend, including on Youtube.

Youtube itself provided the CC feature. Even so, not all videos that appear on YouTube come with an auto-generated CC. What caused it? wouldn’t the public be more comfortable with this method?

Indeed, there are those who are more comfortable watching videos by posting CCs, but it should also be remembered that there are other viewers who are more comfortable when the videos they watch only display images.

Due to the presence of some YouTube videos that do not show CC, it could be due to several reasons. First, it may be because the algorithm that created the CC did not appear, the two video creators deliberately did not add the CC functionality to appear on their youtube channel.

Live captioning feature was added by Google

How to display subtitles on Youtube that are not CC

Good news specifically for Chrome browser users, Google has now added live captioning functionality for PCs. So, if you watch a video on PC through the Chrome browser, Chrome will automatically print the text based on the spoken dialog. This subtitle will appear when playing the video, even if CC on YouTube is not active once.

That’s the good news, brother. For the bad news, the CC provided by chrome is currently only able to display English subtitles. As for the Indonesian language is not yet available. No problem, this way we can learn English for free. Learn to understand English grammar and writing.

If it is set automatically displaying CC when playing the video, can we watch YouTube videos without displaying CC? Due to discomfort with this CC display, some video viewers on Google chose to remove it.

Take it easy guys, the admin knows how to view YouTube videos without CC. No need to worry, this problem will be solved if you follow the tutorial that the admin explains below:

How to view Youtube subtitles without CC

How to display subtitles on Youtube that are not CC

People’s tastes are different, some like to watch with subtitles with CC and some like to watch YouTube without CC. If you are one of those people who don’t like to watch videos with CC subtitles, you can set chrome as follows:

  • Open YouTube videos using Chrome via PC
  • At the top right of the browser, click the music icon. After that, enable auto text. This is the way to enable subtitles or CC, bro.
  • Wait for the language data download process to complete.
  • The caption text will appear automatically.
  • If you want to turn it off, just click on the x in the right corner. This way the subtitles will disappear.
  • Or you can also turn it off directly through the control marked with music.

This is the way to disable CC on subtitles that automatically appear when watching videos. In fact, this feature is very good. The goal is to clarify the conversation on the video. Maybe there is some dialogue that is not clear, you can read the caption that was provided.

Not only on youtube videos will this CC subtitle appear, but it will also appear automatically when you watch videos on other platforms. as long as your browser is using chrome, meanwhile CC will appear automatically.

It’s easier if you really don’t want to show CC, don’t use chrome browser, gang. You can use other browsers such as Mozilla or Opera.

That’s what we can say about how to show subtitles on YouTube that doesn’t have CC either on laptops, PCs and Android phones. I hope useful, thank you.