How to Stream on YouTube to Count Viewers 100% Working – How to stream on youtube so there are several methods to do as per the tutorial we have reviewed in detail below.

Recently, many boy and girl groups have released teasers for puppy singles and albums.

So how do you stream on YouTube to get counted? So that the watched video can increase the number of views. KPopers is sure to be able to stream.

To answer the question above, we’ll look at several ways to stream to YouTube to count as views below:

How to stream on YouTube to count

1. Please make a minimum of 30 seconds of video playback

How to stream on YouTube to count

There are so many comments and replies saying that watching videos that are 30 seconds long can increase views. The way to stream on YouTube is counted by watching and playing for the duration we mentioned above.

This has been proven and tested for its effectiveness, YouTube has also implemented a streaming system with a predetermined duration. So we can say that if you accelerate or jump to view the video, it will not be counted.

it’s the most basic basic that audiences need to know, so they don’t waste time looking.

We recommend that you always check your internet quota if you want to watch streaming videos on YouTube Premium, as it requires a lot of internet quota.

2. Avoid using the same account while watching

How to stream on YouTube to count

We recommend that you do not stream videos using the same account for more than 5 views. Because YouTube will consider it spam.

Things like this should be avoided as it will arouse YouTube’s suspicion of using bots which are used to increase viewership.

This is what makes KPopers usually have more than one YouTube account. Let’s say you have many accounts and you use them to broadcast, it will definitely help to increase the number of viewers.

3. Do not play again

How to stream on YouTube to count

Some people have views or think that if they replay or stream videos they will increase viewership.

You need to know if this action is a misguided action because such kind of action will not be considered as a playlist by YouTube, but rather will look useless in internet usage.

Of course, this kind of thing will be very detrimental to you, waste your time and quotas and will not get results. In order for us to learn from the incident above, the public is encouraged to return to the home menu and watch more videos.

4. Please use another device

How to stream on YouTube to count

For YouTube streaming to work properly, using multiple electronic devices can be an alternative. For example, if you use an account on a smartphone and a laptop or computer.

If you still think that’s not enough, you can borrow a friend’s, family’s or neighbors’ cell phone. But there is another way, namely by changing the email address. Thus, even if the devices used are the same, the addresses and usernames used are different, which makes it possible to count the streaming

5. Video playback interspersed with others

How to stream on YouTube to count

Finally, we provide tips that you can apply to increase the number of views on a video. This uses a way to intersperse multiple other videos, such as finding other videos that grab visitors’ attention if the user is a fan of multiple boy groups and girl groups.

In the first video that is played, such as BTS in the form of a mic drop, do not continue to play BTS videos on the channel repeatedly.

However, you have to watch different videos, like the Pentagon with the title daisy, do it alternately, or stream other videos.

This is our advice on how to stream on YouTube so that it can be counted on the viewer counting system, so be sure to follow our advice above.

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