Larva Heroes Lavander Mod Apk Latest Unlimited Candy 2022! – Welcome to Larva Heroes Lavander Mod Apk. Where all characters are creatively designed and customized, giving players a new feel for the entire game.

Moreover, the features and gameplay of this game app are new, interesting and worth playing. If you like Larva series as a show, get ready to enjoy the new experience of this game.

So far, this game has been downloaded and installed on Google Play more than 10,000,000 times.

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Features of Larva Heroes Lavender Mod Apk

Features of Larva Heroes Lavender Mod Apk

Larva Heroes features tactical and defensive gameplay where players have to use the characters that have been provided to attack the enemy base and win the game.

Meet insect characters you’ve never seen before. The higher the level obtained, the more difficult the enemy is with its unique abilities.

The gameplay offered by this game is fun, fun and entertaining arcade for the players. With a funny behavior in the use of the skills of each character.

1. Collect new units with battle rewards | Larva Heroes Lavender Mod Apk

The character collection system you see in the larva tv series. Collect all of these characters and combine all of their unique abilities to defend the line of defense against enemies who stand in your way.

2. Infinitely Improved | Larva Heroes Lavender Mod Apk

All player’s larva can be infinitely upgraded once the player has collected enough cards for the process.

The update will unlock new larva abilities and boost their stats to new heights, as well as a special feature allowing players to create new larva variations.

Not only by upgrading, but players can also combine maggots with special items to increase their power or random stats, thus increasing combat performance on the battlefield to new heights.

3. Mini-games and collect rare prizes or wins | Larva Heroes Lavender Mod Apk

The developers also create various game modes that can be played. There is a mini-game feature that is present each day in turn.

4. The Combat Mechanic Is Simple | Larva Heroes Lavender Mod Apk

The combat mechanics in the game are simple; that is, players use cards or units and spawn them scattered across the battlefield to destroy enemies.

The rules of the game are very simple, as the player character will attack everything in its path until it reaches the enemy base.

However, players must have a separate currency when respawning, and each card will have a different price for players to unleash their creativity on the battlefield.

Before the battle begins, players can create a deck with the right units, where each challenge has a description and an overview of the difficulty or unexpected appearance.

Comparison of the original version of Larva Heroes Lavander with the Mod version

Comparison of the original version of Larva Heroes Lavander with the Mod version

Larva Heroes Lavender Original Version Larva Heroes Lavender Mod Version
Some sort of pop-up advertisement will appear which can often disperse concentration when we play this game. The anti-ads feature that has been installed can free you from annoying ads. Play without showing annoying ads
Gold that must be obtained through matches between insects. So it takes a lot of time to be able to buy characters and other abilities. Unlimited gold has been installed here, you can immediately buy all the necessary heroes and skills to your heart’s content.
Candy is a difficult item to obtain. Candy is a trading tool to buy rare characters and skills. You will no longer have trouble getting candies. Now the amount of candy in this game has been set to overflow.
There is a special arena that can be played with candies. With unlimited candies, you can easily enter the arena without having to produce very difficult candies.

How to Download and Install Larva Heroes Lavander Mod Apk

After understanding the features and gameplay offered by Larva Heroes Lavander Mod Apk, you are of course looking for how to download and install this game.

In this article, we have prepared a link with a download and installation guide tutorial for you. What are you waiting for, follow the guide below.

Click here to download Larva Heroes Lavander Mod Apk

  1. The first method is to download the blue link above so that you can immediately download this Larva Heroes Lavander Mod Apk.
  2. Waiting for the download process to run. It would be nice to make sure that you have allowed the process of installing third-party app sources on your phone.
  3. Once the download is complete, proceed directly to the installation process.
  4. Then wait for the installation process to go perfectly.
  5. Then run and enjoy the game.
  6. Do.

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The last word

With unlimited gold and candy features, it will definitely add excitement while playing Larva Heroes Lavander Mod Apk game.