Measure height online accurately and easily! – Do you know Hikaku Sitatter? Currently, the website is in demand by many people even to the point of going viral on TikTok.

Wondering what Hikaku Sittater is and how to use it? Follow this thread for information about this viral website.

What is a Hikaku Sitatter?

What is Hikaku Sitatter

Hikaku Sitatter is a website you can use to compare your height with someone. You can do this comparison virtually. So you can compare your height with other people such as your best friend, boyfriend or even your favorite character on this website.

This website is from Japan, so the display language uses the original language of the Hakiku website. However, if you’re not good at Japanese, you don’t have to worry. This website can be translated into the language of your choice.

To translate this, you just need to use Google Translate in general. Before that, you need to copy the Hakiku Sitatter web link first. Then you just need to open the Google translate website and enter it in the website translation column.

If you open the Hikaku Sitatter website, a checkerboard display will appear on the start page. You will also see a picture of two people of different colors standing next to each other.

This picture will show your height comparison with other people. For example, you are trying to compare your height with your virtual best friend. Each color will indicate the size of each person.

In addition to the two people photos, you can also add other people you want to compare heights with. Later, the body image will also appear with a different color. So you can compare your size with many people. You can compare the size with up to 10 people.

There is also a menu to add people for men or women. When you want to add another size ratio, you can choose whether it is a girl or a boy. You can also enter the height.

How to compare the size

As already mentioned above, how to compare the height on the web of Hakiku Sitatter is very simple. You can follow these steps yes.

  1. Open the Hikaku Sitatter website by clicking
  2. Then you can click on person 1 and person 2. The term with the size you want to compare.
  3. You can add other people whose size you want to compare with up to 10 people. If you want to add, just click on the left column
  4. You can also give each character you add a name.
  5. In an instant, you can see the comparison of the people whose size you want to see.

What are the benefits of using a Hikaku Sitatter?

There are several benefits you can get if you use this website, including:

  1. Know the height comparison without shame. If you are a shy person but want to know the height comparison of a person, this website will be very helpful for you. By knowing someone’s height, you can get a picture of how your body compares to that person.
  2. Don’t offend people. Often, the question of the ‘Body’ is very sensitive. This makes a lot of people a little reluctant to discuss a subject that smells like the body. Even though you know it, small things that we may take for granted may be seen as body shaming by others. With this website, you no longer have to worry if you want to measure someone’s height.
  3. Don’t ask directly. This positive point is always related to the previous point where if you openly measure someone’s height, it is very likely that this person could be offended. But if you use this website, you don’t need to openly ask.
  4. Can measure height accurately without the need to meet. Like how this website works, you only need to know a few things about a person, so you can see the height of the person even if you’ve never met them.

Hakiku Sitatter Website Virus

As already explained, this web has gone viral in recent weeks. Indeed, many tiktok residents use this website to compare their height with members of boy groups from Korea.

Many compare it to the bias of members of EXO, NCT and many others. As you know there are a lot of fans of this Korean boy band and see this website gives them an advantage.

Maybe many fans of this Korean boy band have never seen and attended a live concert, but with this website, they don’t just speculate on how high their bias will be. They might even immediately get an idea of ​​the difference in its size with its bias.

One of the most used Korean boy groups to measure this height comparison is the members of NCT. Are you one of them? If so, we will provide height information for each NCT member.

  1. Jaehyun. Height: 180cm
  2. Lee Tae-yong. Height: 175cm
  3. Lucas. Height: 183cm
  4. Mark Lee. Height: 175cm
  5. Na Jaemin. Height: 177cm
  6. Hashan. Height: 174cm
  7. Yuta. Height: 176cm
  8. Lee I-no. Height: 177cm
  9. Doyoung. Height: 178cm
  10. Renjun. Height: 171cm
  11. Johnny. Height: 185cm
  12. Jisung. Height: 180cm
  13. Jungwoo. Height: 180cm
  14. Win-win. Height: 180cm
  15. Zhong Chenle. Height: 178cm
  16. Xiaojun. Height: 172cm
  17. Tail. Height: 171cm
  18. Hendery. Height: 175cm
  19. Shotaro. Height: 178cm
  20. sungchan. Height: 185cm
  21. Ten. Height: 172cm
  22. Qian Kun. Height: 176cm


Is this website free?

The Hakiku Sitatter site is free and you can access it at any time without a time limit.

Is this website safe to use?

Of course, this website is safe. When you enter information about your height, you are not prompted to enter important information about yourself. This makes Hakiku Web secure and will not steal your personal data.

Perhaps you have often heard that there are many websites that require personal information to play on them. This is something you need to watch out for because the personal data you provide, if used irresponsibly, can lead to your own loss.

Are there any features that are locked and can only be unlocked for Premium accounts?

No Yes. On this Hakiku website, you do not need to login with an account or register an account. Everyone has equal opportunity to get various features on this website.

The last word

It’s our discussion this time. Hope this information on Hakiku Sitatter website can satisfy your curiosity about this viral web. If you are also curious about the website, you can immediately try following the steps given above. Thank you for following the discussion and see you in the next article.