My Hero Academia Anime Watch Sequence (Season 1-4) – For those of you who want to start following My Hero Academia anime, you may feel confused about the sequence. Because if you don’t know how to watch My Hero Academia anime, of course you will be very confused about the storyline.

Understanding the storyline itself is very important when watching anime. Also, if the anime is already running, you need to learn the storyline from the beginning so you can follow along and watch from the very first episode.

In 2021, it is also reported that My Hero Academia anime or known as Boku no Hero Academia will release the last chapter. Now is a good time to start following the story.

My Hero Academia Anime Watch Order

For the beginning of the story, it is told that a person named Izuku Midoriya has a life in a world where 80% of the population has special powers. The name of this special power is quirkiness.

When someone has the power of weirdness, they will automatically have a job called hero or hero. Unfortunately, the existence of special powers is not always a positive thing. Because it causes other people to do evil.

With the condition of the world like this, Midoriya instead appeared in the world without having any quirks like most of the other residents. But he has an extraordinary fighting spirit and fights like a hero working to save people.

This prompted All Might to decide to give him a Quirk called One for All. With this power, Midoriya entered UA High School to begin the career of a young level hero with the nickname Deku.

In his educational life, he found the All for One oddity recipient named Shigaraki Tomura. His Quirk was judged to be the opposite of Midoriya’s.

1. Season 1

Season 1-

In this first season, it started from April 3 to June 26, 2016. The first season of BnHA focused on adapting Arc entrance exam, Quirk apprehension test, Battle Trial and also from USJ

This first season begins with episode 1 which is titled “Izuku Midoriya: Origin” / “Midoriya Izuku: Orijin”. Then it continues until the last is the 13th episode with the title “In Each of our Hearts” / “Onoono no Mune ni”.

The complete command from 1 to 13 is:

  • “Izuku Midoriya: Origin”
  • “What It Takes To Be A Hero”
  • “Roaring Muscles”
  • “Starting line”
  • “What can I do for now”
  • “Rage, Damn Nerd”
  • “Deku vs. Kacchan”
  • “Bakugo Starting Line”
  • “Yeah, just do your best, Iida!”
  • “Encounter with the Unknown”
  • “Game over”
  • “All Might”
  • “In Each of Our Hearts”

2. Season 2

Season 2

After ending Season 1 on June 26, 2016, the My Hero Academia anime continues its storyline through Season 2 from April 1, 2017 to September 30, 2017.

For this season, the focus is more on adapting the UA Sports Festival arc, Vs. Hero Killer as well as Final Exam are in the manga. The episode count of My Hero Academia season 2 anime sequence is 25 episodes.

For Episode 1, it begins with the title “Hero Notebook” / “Hīrō Nōto”. Then it ends in episode 25 which is titled “Encounter”. Season 2 of My Hero Academia anime viewing sequence tells the story of a UA school participating in a sports festival.

It is the biggest event in Japan and of course very lively. On this occasion the heroes will show their abilities in front of the public present. The order is as follows from eps 1-25:

  • “Hero Diary”
  • “That’s the idea, Ochaco”
  • “Roaring Sports Festival”
  • “In Their Original Way”
  • “Strategy, strategy, strategy”
  • “Cavalry Battle Finale”
  • “The Boy Born With Everything”
  • “Victory or Death”
  • “Fight, Challengers!
  • “Bakugo vs. Uraraka”
  • Shoto Todoroki: Origin
  • “Fight, Iida”
  • “Todoroki vs. Bakugo”
  • “It’s time to choose names”
  • “Weird! Gran Torino Appears”
  • “Midoriya and Shigaraki”
  • “Hero Killer: Stain vs. UA Students”
  • “Climax”
  • “The Consequences of Hero Killer: Stain”
  • “Everyone’s Internships”
  • ” Listen !! A tale from the past
  • “Get ready for the final exams”
  • “Yaoyorozu: Rising”
  • “Stripping the Varnish”
  • “Katsuki Bakugo: Origin”
  • “Meet”

3. Season 3

Season 3

Then you can continue My Hero Academia anime season 3 with a total of about 25 episodes.

For this season, the manga will adapt more to the issues of Forest Training Camp Arc, Provisional Hero License Exam, Hideout Raid Arc and also the beginning of Shie Hassaikai.

The release of the first episode of season 3 in Japan itself began on April 7, 2018 and ended on September 29. The very first episode bears the title “Game Start” and ends at the 25th episode with the title “Unrivaled” or “Muteki”. Here is the complete order from 1 to 25:

  • “Start of the Game”
  • “Wild and Wild Cats”
  • “Town”
  • “My hero”
  • “Ride it home, Iron Fist!!!”
  • “Roaring Upheaval”
  • “What a twist! »
  • “From Iida to Midoriya”
  • “All for one”
  • “Symbol of Peace”
  • “One for all”
  • “End of the beginning, beginning of the end”
  • “Move into the dorms”
  • “Create those ultimate moves”
  • “The test”
  • “Shiketsu High Lurking”
  • “Class 1-A”
  • “RUSH!”
  • “Rescue Drills”
  • “Special Episode: Save the World with Love!”
  • “What’s the big idea?” »
  • “A Conversation About Your Quirk”
  • “Deku vs. Kachan, Part 2”
  • “A Season of Dating”
  • “Without equal”

4. Season 4

Season 4

The most recent is the 4th season which has just been released around the end of 2019 at the beginning of 2020. More precisely on October 12, 2019 for the release of episode 1 with the title “The Scoop on UA ​​Class 1-A” or “Sukūpu UA Ichi- Nen Ei-Gumi”.

Then it closes on April 4, 2020 on the 25th episode also with the title “His Start” or known by another name “Hajimarino”. Season 4 is indeed much to say is a sequel to BnHA Season 3.

As for the Arc, it’s like the rest of the Shie Hassaikai, then continues to the Remedial Class Arc, then the UA School Festival Arc and also the Pro Hero Arc. Here is the order to watch My Hero Academia 1-25 anime:

  • “The scoop on UA ​​Class 1-A”
  • “Revision”
  • “Boy meets…”
  • “Fighting Destiny”
  • “Let’s Go Gutsy Red Riot”
  • “An Unpleasant Conversation”
  • “GO!!”
  • “Suneater of the Big Three”
  • “Red Riot”
  • “Temporary Team”
  • “Lemillion”
  • “Unexpected Hope”
  • “Infinite 100%”
  • “Bright Future”
  • “Burning Flames”
  • “Winning the hearts of these children”
  • “Relief for dismissed trainees”
  • “School party”
  • “Preparing for the school festival is the most fun part”
  • “Imperial Golden Tips”
  • “Deku vs. Nice Criminals”
  • “School Festival Start!!”
  • “Let it flow! School party!
  • “Japanese Heroes Bulletin Board”
  • “His beginnings”

If you want to follow BnHA anime, it is highly recommended to see My Hero Academia anime viewing order above. Thus, you will not lose the storyline and can enjoy the plots and scenes of the anime more.