One Night Stand (OTS) What does it mean in slang? – Today’s millennials are indeed very unique, they already have so much slang that they still use on a daily basis, as an example with the word One Night Stand (OTS) which recently became a conversation very hot in the media .-social media.

For those of you who are still so taboo and this is your first time hearing One Night Stand (OTS) in Slang, you can continue to follow the explanation here, because we are indeed going to explain you until at the end to make you all understand the meaning of the word as well as its purpose.

So what is the meaning of the word One Night Stand (OTS) which was previously mentioned above? Well, you better keep reading it because we wrote a full description down here, friends, and happy reading.

What does the word one night stand mean?

For all of you who hang around kids, of course, the presence of the word One Night Stand (OTS) is not so foreign, perhaps it is very familiar without having to explain it again at length, because it has entered into their own routine.

But you should know that the unique pronunciation phrase ‘One Night Stand (OTS)’ originated from a foreign language word which is more specifically from Great Britain aka England, friend, which if literally peeled is ‘Love One Night’ and this connotation leads to the realm of people who have grown up and are also quite old.

You should therefore not have to talk about all of you to children who are still small and who do not really understand what it means, in order to maintain a sense of civility towards young people so that there is no bad interpretation of the sentence because it contains such things. taboo.

It is not appropriate for you to say this to a child who is not old enough for you to fear that it will cause misunderstandings up to excessive fantasies, while young children themselves still do not understand the sense of responsibility regarding a relationship between opposite sex, both male and female.

According to the admin, implementing One Night Stand (OTS) is something that has the worst impact on both the male and female side, not the best solution for having a fun relationship then ends like this without any significant impression and then it’s done, satisfied with each other, then walk away.

One night love danger

Mimin here gives a statement and also a very, very strong warning, don’t let yourself join the trend in the name of One Night Stand (OTS), aka love one night who wants to experience sex with the opposite sex without being based on the love for each other, which means that it is limited only to buying and selling transactions and then disappears.

As soon as you are done you rush and give no response because your biological desires are granted, stay away, friends, it’s better to get married, much more honorable and the status is clearly not disguised as you have legal witnesses and are officially registered by the state through the Religious Affairs Bureau (KUA). ).

The worst impact if you had an Intimate One Night Stand (OTS) relationship, namely:

1. Have a risk of sexually transmitted diseases

If you have had an illicit relationship with many love friends, there is a potential danger that you may suffer from sexually transmitted diseases and some may even get serious disease from gratuitous sexual activities which are very dangerous earlier.

Not only limited to endangering ourselves, but also legally including our partners in the future, as this is the precursor to easy transmission of HIV/AIDS, so don’t play games, my friend, it doesn’t there is still no cure, the scary effect suddenly died due to free sex.

2. Exposed to acute stress that leads to mental depression

It turns out that ONS or One Night Stand has an impact on the mentality of someone who has done it, the result can be one of the main causes for the increase in severe bad mood, until l experience of acute stress.

3. Can get pregnant

It is clear that the name is also one-night love, especially if there is no security for contraception, it can certainly have the potential to experience pregnancy, because do not channel the desire to have sex only one night is of course not very clear commitment, friend.

If the situation is experiencing pregnancy then the woman will be dizzy while the guy will panic so who dares to be responsible?.

The best solution is to avoid as much as possible associations that are too free to go too far, friends and there must be a minimum limit, because that is the true meaning of honor.


Maybe this is just a brief review I can pass on to all of you, all of our readers here regarding One Night Stand (OTS). What does that mean in slang?

Hope this can provide a very useful treat, until we meet again on another occasion all friends and warm greetings.