Remove Password Windows 8.1

Remove password windows 8.1
Ilustrasi Image for Remove password windows 8.1 – Remove password windows 8.1, the best way to protect your PC is to need a password each time it is turned on. But how many times have you pondered remove password windows 8.1 because they are regarded pointless? It’s possible that you’re one of those persons who, after pressing the PC’s power button, quickly leaves the room to do something else and returns to find the PC already turned on and not stuck at the password entry page. To put it another way, you may want to make the most efficient use of your PC time by removing anything that has the potential to waste it, including passwords.

It’s possible to bypass the dreaded password in the first and second circumstances, as well as in all the others that brought you to this decision, and in this article, I’ll show you how to do so using Microsoft’s operating system.

Remove Password Windows 8.1

There are a few simple steps you may follow to erase the Windows 8.1 operating system power-on password if you don’t want to reset the password for security reasons – if you want, you can find additional information in the Reset Windows 8.1 password section. Let’s take a closer look at the steps involved in completing the procedure.

On your Windows 8.1 system, go to the Start menu, which is the place where you will find a wide range of options for interacting with your computer.

When you type “PC Settings” into your browser’s search box, press the corresponding icon as soon as it appears in the list of results. Alternatively, you may reach the sidebar using the Win + C shortcut and go straight to Settings, where you’ll find the Change PC settings option.

Now that you’re logged in, go to the Account menu and select Access Options from the left-hand menu.

Jendela pengaturan Windows 8 dengan bagian Akun disorot

Edit the Password criteria by clicking the Edit button.
Windows 8 Pengaturan Akun Jendela Opsi Masuk

As soon as you click Modify, the words will be shown. A password is required to revive the PC. If this is the case, click Edit once more and then click Change in the following window to confirm your changes.

Even if the computer is in standby mode, you can still delete the password using this method.

Passwords can be removed in a variety of ways.

There are two more ways to remove a password if the first approach doesn’t work for you, and I’ll explain you how to do so in the following section.

Wipe using the Run window

  1. Open up the computer and log in using the password.
  2. Log in with the password to the computer.
  3. You can search for netplwiz directly from the application by clicking on its icon or typing the word into the Run once it has opened.Windows 8.1 Jalankan jendela dengan netplwiz tertulis
  4. In the popup that pops up, uncheck the box. Once the user has entered their name and password, they can then click the Apply button to begin using the computer.
  5. Deselect the item in the window that appears. Once the user has entered their name and password, they can then click the Apply button to begin using the machine.
  6. Once you’ve entered the password and clicked Ok to confirm, Windows 8.1 will erase the password for you.

The password will be erased when Windows 8.1 starts after you click Ok to confirm the changes.

  1. You may get the same result by logging in with any other word instead of the Run:
  2. Logging in with any other word than Run may have the same result:
  3. Press Enter or click Ok to accept the default values for the command control userpasswords2
    Windows 8.1 Jalankan jendela dengan kontrol userpasswords2 tertulis
  4. Press Enter or click Ok to accept the command control userpasswords2 and continue.
  5. The password will be deleted if you click OK.

Both approaches lead to the same solution, but they accomplish this by running different commands, so pick the one that works best for you and continue on.

Change account type

Layar untuk beralih ke akun lokal

It’s also feasible to delete a password by changing your login type; if you configure the account as a local one, you won’t be prompted to input a password when you log on.

  1. Enter your password to gain access to your device normally.
  2. Navigate to the User Accounts section of the Control Panel.
  3. You can change your account type by clicking on your account and then on Change account type. If there is only one account on the system, you cannot modify the account type since the account must be designated as Administrator;
  4. To finalize the modifications, click Ok.

what to do if you lose your password?

If you’ve forgotten your password, you may be unable to erase it. You might think that it’s impossible to get into that account again at this point, but in fact you can do so.

  1. Windows 8.1 recovery disc can be downloaded from the official Microsoft website and followed the methods in How to Install Windows 10 From Pendrive to insert files into USB stick, which also applies to Windows 8.1;
  2. Restart your computer, then go to Troubleshoot > Advanced Options.
  3. type “command prompt” into the search box. In most circumstances, you’ll find the operating system installed on disk C, however it can be different in other cases. To see if it’s working, type C. Type command dir and hit Enter twice more. You’ll be able to figure out where the operating system is supposed to go during setup this manner. After determining that the system isn’t already in place on the partition you have control over, proceed to the next one.
    Prompt perintah dengan daftar folder pengguna
  4. As soon as the partition is discovered, run the following commands in the sequence they are stated below: C: windows \ system32 > Enter , ren sethc.exe sethc.old > Enter , copy cmd.exe sethc.exe > Enter . In order to temporarily disable the Accessibility Hotkeys function, use this command. i.e. cmd.exe ;
  5. When the password entry box appears, press Shift once to bring up a list of available user accounts.
  6. Press Shift five times in rapid succession to open the command prompt.
  7. You can change the password for any account in the operating system by using the command net user user name *.

Remind yourself that this should only be done if you have forgotten your PC access password and not someone else’s, as doing so would constitute a breach of your personal privacy.

Remove Password Windows 8.1

To make your PC more secure, you can always change your mind and reset your password. To do this, simply follow these instructions:

  1. System settings can be accessed from the Start menu.
  2. Change PC settings, then select the Account option. ;.
  3. Your account options will be available after you’ve entered this area.
  4. You now have the option of entering a standard password, a PIN, or a visual password based on your specific requirements. Reset your Windows password by following the on-screen directions.