Watch Drakor Little Women Sub Indo Full Episode Free HD – Watch Little Women Drama for free whenever you want. Lately, many people are starting to target this drama. The life of three beautiful women among those who are used to living simply.

The presence of this Korean drama was certainly highly anticipated by its loyal fans. From a foreign novel in a drama series published by South Korea.

If you are a fan of Korean dramas, you don’t have to worry about running out of shows. This drama is ready to entertain you. Some of the actors who participated in the title of this drama have quite high popularity in the field of acting.

You must watch this enigmatic drama. We’ll provide information that may make you even more interested in watching Little Women. You must read this article to the end!

Discover the Korean version of Little Women

Discover the Korean version of Little Women

If you have a lot of free time, what do you usually do? Each of us certainly has a different routine of course. While the habits that are carried out by each person are very diverse.

One of the activities to fill free time is watching a movie. Some people choose to spend their free time watching movies. Audiences feel their own excitement when watching a movie or series.

One of the shows that has a lot of viewers in Indonesia is Korean drama. A series donated by the largest ginseng producing country. You can get various dramas which have 16-20 episodes in each title.

K-drama itself certainly has fans from all over the world. Besides being played by actors who have beautiful faces like Greek gods and goddesses. The script and the acting are very entertaining.

The presence of the drama series certainly provides many indirect benefits for the audience. You can learn Korean. Besides that, you can also learn about the culture and habits of its citizens. Even to know interesting places only through Drakor.

You can usually stream shows from the land of ginseng online. You can access some special apps for streaming.

The available apps and websites are certainly convenient for the users. Some of the streaming sites like Netflix, Viu or even Disney Hotstar will charge subscription fees.

Lately, there is a Korean drama that has become the topic of conversation for the community at large. The series is called Little Women and just aired in September. The viewing is also available on Netflix.

Short Women Information

Short Women Information

Little Women is officially present in 2022 on the TvN television channel. Similar to a novel title originating in the United States. This K-drama is adapted from a classic novel that has been around since 1868 with author Louisa May Alcott.

Louisa’s work is now transformed into a drama series adapted to the characteristics of Korean culture. Previously, there were versions from several other countries played by famous players like Emma Watson.

The presence of the series was made very interesting by the director, Kim Hee Won. A director whose name is quite famous. After the success of the previous drama with the title Vincenzo, now he is here and collaborating with a new title.

Displacing the Alchemy of Souls drama, Little Women has now managed to grab the attention of many people. This drama is played by many famous stars such as Kim Go Eun. The beauty of the Goblin series.

You need to add this Korean drama to your watchlist. This carousel version of Little Women carries the drama and mystery genres. For those of you who love both genres, you must watch this 12-episode drama!

If you want to know more about this drama, check this article till the last part. We will give some elements on the Korean drama Little Women which has just been broadcast. Don’t skip the explanation to make you more interested in watching this drama.

Synopsis for Little Women

Synopsis for Little Women

From the story of three girls who are sisters. Their lives are ordinary and far from the cover of wealth. All three have different backgrounds.

The first sister, a realistic-minded boss of the family. His name is Oh In Joo, being in poverty since childhood formed his current personality. She thinks money is everything, that way she can take care of her other two sisters.

Then also dated Oh In Kyung, he is the middle child of the family. Has a wise mind and he has a profession as a journalist. En Kyung has great curiosity.

The youngest beloved of his two brothers is called Oh In Hye, an artist with a naturalist talent. He is currently still in school, notably in an art school.

The life of the three of them is very bad, but they still try hard to live their life. But one day, In Joo found 70 billion South Korean won. This makes their life very changing and full of challenges.

The incident they faced was also related to a conglomerate family that has great power in Korea. The three are also dealing with a criminal case.

Actor in the drama series Little Women

Actor in the drama series Little Women

This drama has recently gone viral and the discussion has even entered various other platforms. Many people have been waiting for this drama since August.

If you are interested in watching the new drama Little Women in 2022. Here we are going to join the actors who are featured in this drama.

1. The character of Oh In Joo is played by Kim Go Eun

The beautiful Kim Go Eun, a rising figure in the Goblin series. Go Eun’s name in the entertainment industry is well known. His presence started from a movie played in 2011 titled Eungyo. He has received numerous awards for his acting skills.

He is now playing the role of the first child, Oh In Joo. In the figure of Joo, he is portrayed as tough and also has a protective side with the people he cares about.

2. The character of Oh In Kyung is played by Nam Ji Hyun

Nam Ji Hyun is another beautiful player who also plays the only child of the three siblings. He has had a career in the entertainment world since childhood. His first drama dates back to 2002 and was aired by MBC station.

Ji Hyun’s presence in the drama Little Women is like Oh In Kyung. A character endowed with a keen sense of justice, he is also endowed with great curiosity. He acts as a television journalist.

3. The character of Oh In Hye is played by Park Ji Hu

This teenager who has experience in the theater world is also one of the three brothers. Park Ji Hu’s own acting started since 2016, he was starring in a movie at that time. This beautiful woman is in an agency called BH Entertainment.

Ji Hu’s figure in the drama is the youngest child loved by his two brothers. It’s Oh In Hye, a girl who naturally has talent as an artist.

4. Park Jae Sang’s character is played by Uhm Ki Joon

After the success of the previous drama, quite famous, titled The Penthouse, which was present in 3 seasons. Uhm Ki Joon also starred in the drama Little Women. His role as the antagonist in The Penthouse made him known as Joo Dan Tae.

Ki Joon’s presence in the drama Little Women certainly makes one wonder about his role. He became a politician named Park Jae Sang. Her own character in the drama is considered a key character.

5. The character of Ha Jong Ho is played by Kang Hoon

The man born in 1991 was also present to star in the Korean drama series Little Women. Previously, Kang Hoon had acted in several short films and k-dramas.

Now in the Korean version of the Little Women series, he plays Ha Jong Ho. He will compete as Oh In Kyung’s lover.

6. The character of Choi Do Il is played by Wi Ha Joon

Wi Ha Joon maybe some of you already know him. Besides being successful as an actor, he is also a model. One of the dramas he acted which is quite famous is Squid Game.

Her presence in the drama Little Women is as Choi Do Il. He will become a very competent young consultant. He has good training and good skills.

Look at the little women

Look at the little women

This K-drama definitely has a lot of fans. Full of puzzles, you need to put this drama on your watch list!

series title Little woman
premiere date September 3, 2022
Director Kim Hee won
Playwright Jung Seo Kyoung
Serial version Korea
Number of episodes 12 episodes
Status Ongoing
Evaluation 4/5

If you want to watch Little Women but aren’t a Netflix subscriber, of course you don’t have to worry. We will give you a place to watch k-drama for free.

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Tutorial Watch Little Women Drama Free

Tutorial Watch Little Women Drama Free

If you want to watch Little Women drama for free, you need to follow the tutorial below. Make sure to follow it step by step, so you can watch it smoothly.

  1. Make sure your internet network is very stable.
  2. Look at the table above, click on the ‘Here’ link.
  3. You will be redirected to a different page from the start page.
  4. Wait a minute.
  5. Once it appears, tap the play button on the screen.
  6. Don’t forget to change subtitle settings to Indonesian.
  7. Now you can watch it for free.

The last word

Korean drama Little Women is described as strong with the story of three tough women who are trapped in a criminal case. The changes in their poor lives become full of challenges. You can watch it for free at the link above.

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