What is Incognito mode on Youtube and how to turn it off

Binamandiri.id – Incognito mode on YouTube is an old feature that has been added to PC for a long time. By using incognito mode, all activities performed by users in incognito mode will not be recorded on Youtube.

So what is the actual function of using this Incognito Mode? Incognito mode is very useful for those looking for special information. It doesn’t look good and it’s not polite, mate.

Because his activities are not seen by anyone on Youtube. Including youtube itself cannot record all activities performed by accounts using incognito mode.

The downside of using this incognito mode is that you can’t like, comment, and subscribe. Do you want to try using incognito mode?.

It should be noted that this incognito mode is only supported to be performed on a PC or laptop. As for Android, it is very difficult. Because Android has been put into cryptic mode and it is difficult to activate

Benefits of using the incognito mode feature

Benefits of using the incognito mode feature

If you want to try this feature, it is good to know first whether this feature can bring you more benefits or not? Or you will actually lose if you use incognito mode because like, comment and subscribe activities don’t work. Read till the end, here are the benefits you can get if you use incognito mode.

1. Can Maintain Account Security

When you use a pseudonym, the account name and password you use will not leave a trace, so your account is more secure. Youtube accounts or any accounts that are usually hacked by irresponsible people, usually after login computer device, account address and password are still attached, so it is easy to detect.

2. Free Surfing to Search Personal Data

When you take personal data from someone’s YouTube account, your identity will not be known. Because with incognito mode, all activities performed are not read by Google or other account owners.

Ad-free free surfing will make Incognito mode users even more comfortable
This is the advantage of the most wanted incognito mode, namely to watch YouTube without being disturbed by advertisements. Usually, to enjoy YouTube ad-free, you need to use paid YouTube Premium. But with this incognito mode, you can access ad-free videos for free.

How to Use Private Browsing Mode on Youtube

How to Use Incognito Mode on Yout

After reading the benefits above, do you want to be anonymous or an incognito user of YouTube? It’s easy, if you are interested, just follow the tutorial below. It’s very easy.

  • Open the Youtube app, then click on the profile picture in the upper right corner
  • Next, find and click on the menu “Turn on incognito mode”
  • Then there will be an approval notification. Then select OK.

When it is completed and successful, there will be a notification “is in incognito mode” at the bottom of the homepage on youtube. After enabling the incognito mode, you can now surf Youtube without leaving a trace and no one will know the activities you are doing.
If you have successfully activated incognito mode and want to return to normal mode, can you? The answer is yes. Tired of being an anonymous user and wanting to be known to other users, you can immediately follow the following explanation.

Simple Ways to Disable Private Browsing Mode on Youtube

Simple Ways to Disable Private Browsing Mode on Youtube

  • Open the YouTube app and click on the private browsing icon
  • After that, a pop-up window will appear where at the bottom there is an option “Turn off incognito mode”.
  • Please click and your incognito mode will be disabled.
  • Now your YouTube account is back to normal.

Do you think it’s more comfortable to use incognito or normal mode? according to the admin, it’s more comfortable to use the normal mode, bro.

Can get to know and build relationships with other YouTube users, add friends and share on YouTube or other things with our real mode. Meanwhile, with the incognito mode, we will not be known to anyone, only one advantage, which is to be able to watch youtube without ads for free like youtube vanced mod.